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Acts & Rules

Date Letter No. Subject
26.11.2020 RDM-OEA- POLICY-0003-2019-34398 Constitution of Committee to recommend the maximum extent of government land to be kept reserved as Gochar and for purposes of other communal use in a revenue village.
14.03.2020 RDM-LRGEA- STATUT-0002-2020-11820 Constitution of Committee for different groups of officers of R&DM Department for implementation of instructions issued by Government in the matter of out of turn promotion and award of incentives to the government employees of the state.
12.12.2019 RDM-RRC-MEET-0011-2015-39504 Constitution of RPDAC in respect of NLC, Talabire Thermal Power Project, Tareikela of Jharsuguda district covering both districts of Jharsuguda and Sambalpur.
25.11.2019 RDM-RRC-POLICY-0005-2015-36892 Constitution of Committee to review and suggest amendments to the Odisha Resettlement and Rehabilitation Policy, 2006.
04.11.2019 RDM-Reg-REGN-0134-2019-34202 Constitution of Committee to examine and recommend the draft scope of work for Scanning and Digitization of legacy data of registration offices.
14.03.2019 RDM-NGEC-CASEAT-0131-2016-8658 Constitution of Committee to decide the left out cases of job contract employees both of Settlement & Consolidation organization for consideration of their grievance / representation/ claim for pension / family pension.
13.08.2018 RDM-IMU-EGOV-0003-2016-29945 Constitution of Committee to see the demonstration process flow of the two services (issuance of Guardianship Certificate and disposal of cases u/s 8-A of OLR Act) developed by NIC in Service Plus Platform to make them online under e-District Project.
22.05.2018 RDM-CH&S-COMM-0001-2018-18242 Constitution of Committee to enable online payment for various services of Revenue and DM Department.
09.05.2018 RDM-DILRMP-MEET-0001-2017-16732 Constitution of District Level Committee named "District Revenue e-Governance Reviewing Committee" in each District.
28.04.2018 RDM-LRGEA-POLICY-0005-2018-15390 Constitution of Committee to recommended maximum extent of government land to be allotted to educational institutions on free of premium basis.
26.04.2018 RDM-LRGEC-COMM-0001-2018-15090 Constitution of Committee to systematize the management of minor minerals of the State.
07.04.2018 RDM-CON-PM-0057-2017-12726 Constitution of Committee for preparation of the revised training Module for OAS -A (JB) officers
07.04.2018 RDM-CON-PM-0057-2017-12721 Constitution of Committee for preparation of the revised training Module for ORS Group-B officers
24.02.2018 RDM-NGEC-CASEAT-0008-2015-10963 Constitution of Committee to formulate a policy for Job Contract Employees.
24.02.2018 RDM-OEA-MISC-0012-2014-7299 Re-constitution of Committee for sexual harassment of women working in Revenue and DM Department.
20.02.2018 RDM-CHS-MISC-0028-2017-6665 Constitution of Committee for drafting the Revenue Code of Odisha.
16.02.2018 RDM-OEA-POLICY-0001-2018-6045 Constitution an Evaluation Committee to examine and assess each individual case of RA Scheme in respect of Revenue and DM Department (Secretariat Establishment).
22.12.2017 RE-I-41/2017-44549 Constitution of Committee under the Chairmanship of RDCs for safeguard of Jalasaya Kissam land in urban areas.
Date Letter No. Subject