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Acts & Rules

Date Letter No. Subject
06.02.2020 RDM-LRB-MISC-0021-2019-5792 Regarding provisions of 8-A of OLR Act, 1960.
22.12.2017 RE-I41/2017-44549 Constitution of Committee under the Chairmanship of RDCs for safeguard of Jalasaya Kissam land in urban areas..
20.03.2017 RE-I-471/2016-9207 Notification on Conversion fees -- premium payable per acre.
23.03.2017 RE-I-28/2015-9781 Conversion of land under OLR Act - appointment of Authorised Officers.
10.06.2016 RE-I-28/2015-18125/R&DM Applicability of section-8-A of the OLR Act, 1960 in urban areas after coming into force of the Odisha Development Authorities (Amendment) Act, 2015.
19.10.2015 -- Notification regarding exemption from conversion fee for conversion of land exempted from the application of the provisions of the OLR Act, 1960 ................
03.06.2011 LR-B-RE-I-148/11-24350/ CSR&DM Sale of agricultural land through plotted housing schemes for non-agricultural purpose without conversion under section 8 A of OLR Act..
24.06.2008 GE(GL)-S-76/07-27260 DClarification regarding determination of conversion fee in respect of lease-hold land converted to free-hold under provisions of Schedule-VI of OGLS Rules.
31.08.2007 GE(GL)-S-30/07- 34969 Realisation of premium from the user agencies for use of forestland for mining, industrial and other purposes.
23.02.2007 Ag-20/05-6900 Clarification on application of provision of payment of compensation under section – 3 B in cases booked under section – 3(2) & 3-A of Regulation-2/1956.
11.10.2006 LR(B)-RE-I-43/06-38971 Conversion of agricultural land for non-agricultural purposes –Prevention of leakage of Government revenue.
Date Letter No. Subject