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    18.01.2020 RDM-DILRMP-MEET-0001-2017-3390 Resolution of e-Mutation (LRMS), Bhulekh and Bhunaksha issues by the O/o DLR&S, Odisha.
    22.02.2019 RDM-DILRMP-MEET-0001-2017-46382 Data entry of all these mutation application cases received offline.
    26.12.2018 RDM-DILRMP-MEET-0001-2017-46382 Compilation of important circulars and guidelines relating to e-Registration, e-Mutation, RCCMS, Bhulekh, BhuNaksha, MTA, Revenue Minister’s Helpline etc.
    19.11.2018 RDM-DILRMP-MISC-0019-2018-42856 Installation of Digital Display Board at all Headquarters - Reg
    19.11.2018 RDM-DILRMP-MISC-0019-2018-42852 Construction of Modern Record Rooms at Kakatpur, Satyabadi and Brahmagiri tahasils inn Puri District.
    19.11.2018 RDM-DILRMP-MISC-0011-2018-42773 Nomination of Nodal Officers to attend the OSDI training to be held at Hotel New Marion, Bhubaneswar from 18.12.2018 to 22.12.2018.
    19.11.2018 RDM-DILRMP-MEET-0001-2017-42767 Payment to BSNL for 2mbps MPLS connectivity to all Tahsils.
    29.10.2018 RDM-DILRMP-MEET-00004-2018-40211 Draft Guidelines of DILRMP - Inviting comments thereof - regarding.
    - - Video clip on correction of map using Bhunaksa Software.
    01.10.2018 RDM-DILRMP-17-2016-37318 Forward the report on review of Assistant Programmers on Department PMU.
    18.09.2018 RDM-DILRMP-NLRMP-0003-2018-34729 Continuation of Central Sector Scheme DILRMP beyond March, 2017 and sanction of funds regarding.
    12.09.2018 RDM-DILRMP-MEET-0001-2017-34557 Implementation of Bhunaksha application for digital map correction.
    10.09.2018 RDM-DILRMP-NLRMP-0004-2018-34003 Status and future roadmap for Integrated Land Information Management System (ILIMS).
    05.09.2018 RDM-DILRMP-HISURV-0004-2018-33350 Monitoring and supervision in settlement work of Subarnapur District.
    04.09.2018 RDM-DILRMP-MISC-0012-2017-33320 Disposal of revenue cases under ORTPS guidelines -- regarding.
    28.08.2018 RDM-DILRMP-PLAN-0002-2018-31916 Successful implementation different e-Governance initiatives of R&DM Department such as e-Mutation, RCCMS, e-Registration, Bhunaksha application for digital map correction, online MTA application for rent collection etc.
    28.08.2018 RDM-DILRMP-MEET-0001-2017-31899 Implementation of Bhunaksha application for digital map correction.
    21.08.2018 RDM-DILRMP-MEET-0001-2017-30862 SOP for scanning and uploading of revenue case records under DMS.
    01.08.2018 RDM-DILRMP-MEET-0001-2017-28348 Payment of balance 50% of the approved amount to BSNL for 2mbps MPLS connectivity to all Tahsils..
    18.07.2018 RDM-DILRMP-MEET-0001-2017-26357 Forwarding the list of 50 Tahasils for provision of 4 mbps and 8 mbps MPLS.
    06.07.2018 RDM-DILRMP-PLAN-0002-2018-24716 Implementation of web based Bhunaksha application for correction of cadastral map..
    06.07.2018 RDM-DILRMP-PLAN-0002-2018-24580 Implementation of Online Saltamami (MTA) Application.
    28.06.2018 RDM-DILRMP-MEET-0001-2017-23246 Checklist for weekly District Revenue e-Governance Reviewing Committee.
    28.06.2018 RDM-DILRMP-MEET-0001-2017-23241 Procurement of desktop and laptops for Tahasil and RI offices of the State.
    30.05.2018 RDM-DILRMP-MEET-0001-2017-19669 Implementation of Bhunaksha application for correction of digital map.
    30.05.2018 RDM-DILRMP-MEET-0001-2017-19661 Entry of data in MTA application.
    30.05.2018 RDM-DILRMP-MEET-0001-2017-19655 Entry left out villages in Bhulekh.
    21.04.2018 RDM-DILRMP-MEET-0001-2017-14389 Performance review of Tahasils as per 25 Points Parameters .
    19.04.2018 RDM-DILRMP-MEET-0001-2017-14206 Uploading Scanned Case Records into DMS Software..
    10.04.2018 RDM-DILRMP-MEET-0001-2017-12844 Implementation of Bhunaksha Software for correction of Digital Maps.
    29.03.2018 RDM-OEA-EXINST-0001-2018-11505 Constitution of PMU Cell in Revenue and DM Department.
    15.03.2018 RDM-DILRMP-MISC-0002-2018-9448 Performance review of Tahasils as per 25 parameters.
    26.02.2018 RDM-DILRMP-7431 Detailed timeline for operationalization of Revenue Court Case Monitoring System (RCCMS) from 7th April 2018.
    19.02.2018 RDM-DILRMP-PLAN-0001-2018-6436 Capacity building of State Administrative Officers at GAA, Bhubaneswar..
    12.02.2018 RDM-IMU-MISC-0004-2018-5713 Implementation of online mutation in Jatni Tahasil.
    24.01.2018 RDM-DILRMP-MISC-0012-2017-3397 Visit report of Sangram Keshari Mohapatra, Joint Secy. to Govt.,Revenue and DM Department to Bhubaneswar Tahasil on 18.01.2018.
    23.12.2017 RDM-DILRMP-MISC-0012-2017-44689 Implementation on online mutation in all RI circles under Jatni Tahasils.
    22.12.2017 RDM-DILRMP-MEET-0001-2017-44411 Roll out of e-Mutation in Tahasils.
    12.12.2017 RDM-DILRMP-MISC-0012-2017-42907 Timely updation of Online Mutation.
    01.12.2017 RDM-DILRMP-MISC-0012-2017-41178 Monitoring of online mutation in Tahasils..
    20.11.2017 RDM-DILRMP-MEET-0001-2017-39070 Forwarding the list of 64 Nos. of Tahasils to be uploaded by LRMS software in the first phase.
    16.11.2017 RDM-DILRMP-MEET-0001-2017(Pt)-38646 Monitoring of Online Mutation in Tahasils.
    03.11.2017 RDM-DILRMP-MEET-0001-2017-36901 Payment regarding Provision of 2 mbps MPLS internet connectivity to 100 numbers of Tahasils in the first phase and inclusion of Cuttack Tahasil and all Tahasils of Bhadrak district in the first phase.
    31.10.2017 RDM-DILRMP-MEET-0001-2017-36123 Purchasing of computers to be provided to Tahasils for online mutation..
    31.10.2017 RDM-DILRMP-MEET-0001-2017-36110 Expanding the scope of Online Mutation to all R.I. circles of the Jatni Tahasil.
    28.10.2017 RDM-DILRMP-MEET-0001-2017-35809 Release of fund for preparation of DWIST, RCCMS and Online Saltamami Software as per Manual of Tahasil Accounts (MTA).
    28.10.2017 RDM-DILRMP-MEET-0001-2017-35807 Provision of 2 mbps MPLS internet connectivity to 100 numbers of Tahasils in the first phase.
    18.10.2017 RDM-DILRMP-MEET-0001-2017-34415 Suggestions regarding Service Level Agreement (SLA).
    26.09.2017 RDM-DILRMP-MEET-0001-2017-32590 The list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) for Tahasildars for smoothening of day to day working in their offices.
    20.09.2017 RDM-DILRMP-MEET-0001-2017-30485 Suggestions of Principal Secretary, R&DM Deptt. to all ADMs, Sub-Collectors, Tahasildars & Addl. Tahasildars, LAOs to achieve excellence in public service with motto of zero pendency of revenue cases.
    21.08.2017 RDM-DILRMP-MEET-0001-2017-27302 Tour Note of Sri Sangram Keshari Mohapatra, Joint Secy. to Govt. Revenue and DM Deptt. to Jagatsinghpur district on 08.08.2017.
    11.08.2017 RDM-DILRMP-MEET-0001-2017-26586 Tour Note of Sri Sangram Keshari Mohapatra, Joint Secy. to Govt. Revenue and DM Deptt. to Khordha district on 05.08.2017
    11.08.2017 RDM-DILRMP-MEET-0001-2017-26584 Tour Note of Sri Sangram Keshari Mohapatra, Joint Secy. to Govt. Revenue and DM Deptt. to Puri district on 04.08.2017
    01.08.2017 RDM-DILRMP-MEET-0001-2017-25353 Monitoring of Tahasils and Revenue Administration as per the enclosed checklist.
    21.07.2017 RDM-DILRMP-MEET-0001-2017-23918 Development of Saltamami Software.
    20.07.2017 RDM-DILRMP-MEET-0001-2017-23777 Development of separate website for each Tahasil.
    19.07.2017 RDM-DILRMP-NLRMP-0005-2017-23593 Adoption of Best Practices implemented by the Collector, Ganjam in Chhatrapur Tahasil.
    17.07.2017 RDM-DILRMP-NLRMP-0005-2017-23260 Implementation of map correction through bhunaksha software.
    21.06.2017 RDM-DILRMP-NLRMP-0002-2017-19951 Provision of Internet Connectivity to RI offices provided by BBNL under Bharat Net Project.
    19.06.2017 RDM-DILRMP-NLRMP-0002-2017-19783 Provision of Internet Connectivity to all Tahasils.
    19.05.2017 RDM-DILRMP-NLRMP-0002-2017-16297 Availability of Internet Connectivity for RI offices from Broadband services provided by BSNL to all GPs under Bharat Net Project..
    Date Letter No. Subject