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Acts & Rules

  • Environmental regulations relating to Minor Mineral
  • Date Letter No. Subject
    04.12.20 RDM-DRTMM-MISC-0035-2020-35347 Streaming issue of transit pass (Y forms) for transportation of minor minerals.
    20.11.19 RDM-MMS-POLICY-0005-2019-36247 Creation of Minor Mineral Enforcement Cells in 144 Tahasils..
    24.10.19 RDM-LRGEC-POLICY-0002-2018-32762 Order on the fixation of Headquarters and Districts for Junior Mining Officer posted under Directorate of Minor Minerals, Odisha.
    14.10.19 RDM-MMS-MEET-0009-2019-30986 Fixation of additional charge on unit quantity of minor minerals in case of quarry lease granted to Government Organisations and for quarry permits under the provisions of OMMC Rules, 2016.
    13.09.19 RDM-LRGEC-POLICY-0002-2018-27505 Corrigendum on Resolution No. 23609 dated 13.08.2019.
    13.08.19 RDM-LRGEC-POLICY-0002-2018-23609 Resolution regarding creation of Directorate of Minor Minerals, Odisha.
    27.06.19 RDM-MMS-MEET-0005-2019-17970 Speedy disposal of certificate cases filed under the provisions of the Odisha Public Demands Recovery Act, 1962.
    26.04.19 RDM-MMS-EXINST-0001-2019-12611 Guidelines for regulating the sand quarrying in the State.
    12.11.18 RDM-LRGEC-CLRFIC-0008-2018-41787 Clarification on Prior Environment Clearance of individual quarries covering an area less than Ha. 05.00.
    27.07.18 RDM-LRGEC-EXINST-0002-2018-27689 Directions to the State Government for preparation of District Survey Report.
    28.06.18 RDM-LRGEC-MISC-0012-2016-23225 Principles / Procedure for implementation of the scheme "Prevention of theft of Minor Minerals and eviction activities".
    04.06.18 RDM-LRGEC-POLICY-0001-2016-20431 Notification of Odisha Minor Minerals Concession (Amendment) Rules, 2018.
    26.04.18 RDM-LRGEC-COMM-0001-2018-15090 Constitution of Committee to systematize the management of minor minerals of the State.
    29.03.18 RDM-LRGEC-POLICY-0001-2018-11282 Deployment of OISF personnel in vulnerable tahasil/Sub-Divisions to protect the minor mineral sources..
    21.07.17 RDM-LRGEC-POLICY-0001-2016-23932 Notification of Odisha Minor Minerals Concession (Amendment) Rules, 2017.
    20.01.17 RDM-BUDA-POLICY-0003-2013-2422 Inclusion the collection of royalty in Tahasil DCB collected through WAMIS directly to the concerned Head of Account w.e.f. 01.01.2016.
    29.07.16 LRGE-MM-16/2016-23589 Corrigendum to the instructions regarding grant of permit of minor minerals under OMMC Rules, 2004, issued vide this Department Letter No. 22483 dated 21.07.2016.
    21.07.16 MM-16/2016-22483 Instructions regarding grant of Permit of minor minerals under OMMC Rules 2004.
    18.07.16 MM-43/2015-21930 Operationalisation of minor mineral / Sairat sources.
    18.01.16 MM-78/2015-1841 Environmental clearance for minor mineral sources.
    04.01.16 MM-78/2015-135 Environment clearance for minor mineral sources: filling of online applications regarding.
    21.12.15 MM-46/2015-35465 Operationalisation of minor mineral sources and grant of quarry permit to maintain uninterrupted supply of minor minerals for development projects..
    19.09.15 MM-57/2015-26940 Settlement of minor mineral sources which had been put to auction prior to coming into force of the OMMC(Amendment) Rules,2014 but not operationalilzed yet due to want of mining plan/environmental clearance.
    17.06.15 RDM-LRGEC-MEET-0002-2014-17523 Notification on authorized officers for approval of mining plan for quarry leases and ceiling of fees chargeable by the Registered Qualified Persons (RQPs).
    20.09.13 RDM-LRGEC-CLRFIC-0004-2012-35996 Clarification regarding collection of 25% of bid amount, royalty and surface rent.
    28.05.13 MM(Meeting)-25/13-20238/R&DM Settlement of Sairat sources (Minor Minerals) for an area of less than 05 hectares for the year 2013-14.
    28.05.13 MM(Meeting)-25/13-20234/R&DM Settlement of Sairat sources (Minor Minerals) for an area of less than 05 hectares on the basis of long term lease.
    02.02.13 RDM-LRGEC-CLRFIC-0004-2012-3819 Clarification regarding implementation of the procedure for obtaining Environment Clearance in respect of settled minor mineral sources for the year 2012-13.
    10.12.12 RDM-LRGEC-CLRFIC-0004-2012-53276 Clarification on Environmental clearance of Sairat sources /minor mineral leases of an area of less than 5 hectares - regarding.
    17.11.12 RDM-LRGEC-CLRFIC-0004-2012-50361 Clarification on Environmental clearance of minor mineral leases of an area of less than 5 hectares - regarding.
    21.06.11 MM-17/11(Pt)-26478/R&DM Action to be taken for illegal / unauthorized mining operation in the State.
    25.01.11 MM-63/10(Pt)-4123/CSR&DM Control over illegal and unauthorized quarrying operations.
    07.04.09 MM-11/09-15827/R&DM Irregularities in management of Sairat Sources.
    25.11.08 MM-58/07(Pt.II)-49695/R&DM Rigorous monitoring of operation of Sairat Sources.
    Date Letter No. Subject