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Acts & Rules

Date Letter No. Subject
31-01-2020 RDM-EGOV-EGOV-0001-2020-5087 Preparatory arrangement for implementation of ‘Mo Sarkar' in all Tahasil and Registration offices. SOPs for helpdesk applications of Tahasil and Registration offices.
25-01-2020 RDM-EGOV-EGOV-0010-2019-4327 Implementation of 'Mo Sarkar' in Revenue DM Department- disposal of cases pending beyond ORTPS timeline regarding.
24-01-2020 RDM-EGOV-EGOV-0010-2019-4327 Disposal of cases pending beyond ORTPS timeline before 05.02.2020 by working on Sundays and holidays.
04-09-2018 RDM-DILRMP-MISC-0012-2017-33320 Disposal of revenue cases under ORTPS guidelines -- regarding.
30-07-2018 RDM-IMU-EGOV-0002-2018-28118 Publication of ORTPS Daily Bulletin.
26-07-2018 RDM-Reg-MPR-0001-2018-27551 Publication of Daily Bulletin on ORTPS.
16-07-2018 RDM-COODA-POLICY-0002-2017-26261 e-Governance initiatives of Revenue and DM Department.
24-02-2018 RDM-IMU-STATUT-0001-2013-7248 Opening of helpdesk in Tahasil and Registration offices and showing promptness in delivery of public services to citizens - regarding.
12-09-2017 RDM-DILRMP-MEET-0001-2017-30485 Suggestions of Principal Secretary, Revenue and DM Deptt. to all ADMs, Sub-Collectors, Tahasildars and Addl. Tahasildars, LAOs to achieve excellence in public service with moto of zero pendency of revenue cases.
29-08-2017 RDM-IMU-STATUT-0001-2013-28369 Instructions issued by Chief Secretary on delivery of public services.
22-07-2017 RDM-IMU-STATUT-0001-2013-24311 Delivery of public services to citizens within given time limit and in a hassle free manner.
14-07-2017 PT1-RDM-IMU-STATUT-0001-2013-22754 Instruction on delivery of public services.
04-07-2017 RDM-IMU-STATUT-0001-2013-21452 Creation of women friendly atmosphere in Tahasil, RI and Registration offices for delivery of public services .
20-12-2013 RDM-IMU-STATUT-0001-2013-48787 Delivery of public services pertaining to R&DM Department
16-11-2013 RDM-IMU-STATUT-0001-2013-43280 Clarification on issuance of Legal Heir Certificates
13-06-2013 RDM-IMU-STATUT-0001-2013-22974 Procedural arrangement for receipt of documents
30-04-2013 RDM-IMU-STATUT-0001-2013-15766 Sample Draft for display on the Notice Board (Odia & English)
28-07-2012 CMC-15/2012-34495/CS(R&DM) Delivery of services to the citizens in Revenue Offices.
Date Letter No. Subject