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Date Letter No. Subject
08.01.2019 RDM-CHS-POLICY-0011-2018-754 Regarding guidelines for up-gradation in online Mutation (Filing Application-19.12.18-10.01.19 and Mutation Appeals 19.12.18 - 15.01.19)..
15.12.2018 RDM-CHS-POLICY-0011-2018-45075 Regarding guidelines for up-gradation in online Mutation..
11.12.2018 RDM-CHS-PLAN-0003-2018-44560 Regarding e-Mutation Manual..
08.11.2018 RDM-CHS-PLAN-0001-2018-41564 Instructions for disposal of Mutation Cases..
22.09.2018 RDM-CHS-PLAN-0001-2018-35608 Regarding Paragraph-29 of Odisha Mutation Manual..
07.05.2018 RDM-CHS-CLRFIC-0004-2018-16449 Rejection of Mutation cases on various grounds: clarifications thereof..
09.08.2017 SM-30/2017-26285 Institution of mutation cases on automatic transmission of From No. 3 from Registration Offices through e-registration system.
09.08.2017 SM-51/2017-26280 Notification on change of duration of appeal period in mutation cases..
28.06.2017 RDM-LRGEC-Misc-0006-2017-20771 Standard Operating Procedure for disposal of mutation cases and delivery of other services.
28.06.2017 Pt2-RDM-CHS-NLRMP-0116-2012-20738 Clarification of utilization of user fee for RI offices.
05.04.2016 SM-30/17-11350/R&DM Suo-motto institutions of Mutation Cases on automatic transmission of Form No. 3 from Registration offices through e-Registration system.
08.06.2016 RDM-CHS-NLRMP-0075-2012-17808 Utilization of funds from user fee available in Tahasils for ensuring proper internet connectivity.
27.02.2013 Regn-31/13-7259 / R&DM Suo-motto initiation of Mutation Case on automatic transmission of Form No. 3 from DSR/SR through e-Registration System. 
22.02.2011 IMU- 22/11- 8312 /R&DM Correction of RoRs and use of 3.02 version of Bhulekh software.
31.12.2008 S-12/06-No.54239/R&DM Regarding Disposal of Mutation Cases.
22.12.2005 S-53/05-No.50336/R Disposal of Mutation Cases by Revenue Inspectors.
29.04.2005 S-53/05-No.17823/R Clarification regarding the mechanism of approval by the Tahasildar after disposal of uncontested mutation cases by the Revenue Inspectors.
01.09.2004 S-36/04-No.34653/R Disposal of Mutation Cases by Revenue Inspectors.
20.08.2004 S-36/04-No.32976/R Disposal of Mutation Cases by Revenue Inspectors.
25.05.2004 XII-122/04-537/D.E. Disposal of Mutation Cases authorisation to RIs for disposal of uncontested mutation cases.
16.02.2004 S-36/04-No.6564/R Disposal of Mutation Cases.
Date Letter No. Subject